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Globally, government energy policy has undergone a rapid pace of change in recent years. Australia is no different. Many of these policies and developments have far-reaching implications yet only receive a cursory analysis in media publications if at all.

The Golden Drum aims to cover energy markets and policy with a primary focus on the Australian/Australasian region.

Why The Golden Drum name?

The Golden Fleece, founded in 1893 was an Australian brand of petroleum products and (petrol) service stations that boomed during the 1950s and 1960s. Its distinctive yellow merino signage and attached roadhouse-style restaurants were a common sight during this time. The company was known for pioneering the roll out of single-branded (petrol) service stations and roadhouse dining and at one time ran Australia’s largest chain of restaurants.

Golden Fleece itemsGolden Fleece items
Golden Fleece itemsGolden Fleece items
The Golden Fleece (Sources: paradisegarage.com.au, goldenfleece.net.au, australianfoodtimeline.com.au, xxxxantiques.net)

Today, the Australian energy landscape appears to be dramatically different to that time.

Currently only two oil refineries operate in Australia. Ambitious 2030 greenhouse gas emissions targets seem to be a sign that a barrel of oil and fossil fuel derivatives have lost their ‘golden’ lustre and will be increasingly unimportant in the future. Solar, wind and hydrogen are mentioned in energy policies often without addressing tradeoffs, underlying costs, or feasibility.

Nuclear is widely dismissed as being a credible part of Australia’s future energy mix.
Yet Australian opposition party leaders in 1966 and 1969 pre-election speeches campaigned on the idea of a fuel board to “discover, conserve, develop and market fuel and power resources, including atomic power and natural gas.” and “plan properly for the development of nuclear power”

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